Back from the Idaho HSRT (hot spring road trip)

  We got back a couple days ago from our annual late summer hot spring road trip to Idaho.  The trip was great with good weather, good soaks, and good friends joined us.  We look forward to working on the website to add the new hot springs and continue to make it a good place for hot spring enthusiasts.

  We saw a total of 31 hot springs during the trip with 26 new springs and 5 old springs.  First we went to the Atlanta area on the Middle Fork Boise River and saw 16 hot springs including; Chatanooga, Atlanta, Browns Creek, Loftas, Granite, and Twin Springs.  Then we went a little north to around Loman to see Bonnyville, Kirkham, and Pine Flats, and then headed west to the Crouch Valley to see Rocky Canyon, and Pine Burl among others.  We ended the trip heading further east to White Licks, Kirgbaum, and Oxbow Lake.  Gradually these springs will be added to the hot spring database, along with Paulina Lake in Oregon which we visited over the summer.