Anderson Hot Springs

General Description: A cozy hot pond on a ridge side.
General Location: Garden Valley.
Pool Type: Sand and Gravel with cinder block rim.
Pool Temps: Very Hot (104° - 106° F), Hot (102° - 104° F), Slightly Hot (100° - 102° F)
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Accessibility: Year Round.
Restrictions: None, but no good parking or camping spots.
Elevation: 3200 feet.
Distance from road: 0.10 mile.
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The Hot Spring:

Located just outside of Garden Valley this gem is all alone, one little hot pot up a creek canyon sits on a hillside.  The source bubbles up through a sand and gravel at around 106 to 107 and the tub temp sits at 105, users have lined the rim with cinder blocks and have put a p.v.c pipe for the out flow, wich can be opened to clean, There is a bench and a small deck to put you gear on, there are colorfull signs around with friendly reminders to please keep it clean and pack in pack out. andy will fix all the run on sentences, thanks.

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Anderson Hot Springs

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Friendly reminders(Anderson)
Go hikers(Anderson)
Good soak(Anderson)
Nice sign(Anderson)