Applegate Hot Springs

General Description: An extremely hot spring on a hill creating a little hot creek that is surrounded by cow patties
General Location: Northeastern California in the Surprise Valley
Pool Type: Hot Creek
Pool Temps: Extremely Hot (106° - 110° F)
Accessibility: Year round, but the road may be too muddy when wet
Restrictions: None, on BLM land
Elevation: 4600 feet.
Distance from road: 0.00 mile.
Map Reference: Ceerville CA USGS 1:100,000 scale quadrangle, or Leonards Hot Spring CA USGS 7.5 minute quadrangle

The Hot Spring:

  Applegate Hot Springs does not offer a soaking opportunity but has a lot of potential.  The hot spring emerges at the top of a little hill on the northeastern side of Surprise Valley with a BLM parking area.  There is a little sign at the source marking the site as a stop on the Applegate Trail, part of the California Trail.  The source water temperature is about 185 degrees F and forms a small hot creek that flows down the hill.  Some pools have been dug out where the water temperature is cooled off, but still too hot to soak at about 120 degrees F.  The entire area seems to be dominated by cattle with cow patties all around the hot creek making it too disgusting to soak in, even for us.  Applegate could be a wonderful place if the source was protected from cattle and piped to some pools down the hill that is also protected from cattle, but without these improvements its just a cool geothermal site to see.

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Very helpful advice in this

Very helpful advice in this particular post! ptv sports biss

Udpate, September 17,

Udpate, September 17, 2016


currently at applegate hot springs for the next 2 weeks and there have been improvements since I was here last year. Here's a photo


somebody built the wall up a little higher with some more rocks and mud and grass and added pvc pipe. It's now knee deep, big enogh to submerge if you lay down, for two people. water temp mis perfect and easily adjustable


the only way to improve it now would be to dig deeper and that would take some picks because it's hard rock at te bottom, but as of niow it's a lot better than it was last year. plus it's one of the few hot springs you can camp at because, BLM land

this was supposed to be a

this was supposed to be a replay to wolfgang but it's posted in general replays for this Applegate Hot Spring. email me at  or through the flickr photos if you're up for early october to work on it

hey did a little bit of work

hey did a little bit of work on these springs last summer and made a shallow pool that was just right, maybe 108 here's the main photos spent a whole week camped there in my RV. it was great and actually the mud is very therapeutic, very fine like volcanic ash. really didn't have a problem with cow pies here's some more photos and another set I might go back there in October 2016 and would be willing to do some work. As you can see I just laid down some cheap plastic and it's just mud and rocks holding it together. I didn't have any tool or supplies to work with, but it still worked OK and I soaked 3 times a day for a week. It's just not really permanent and would probably wash out in a good downpour. maybe email me if you want to try and improve it. Otherwise I'd probably do the same thing the trick is to build up the mud high enough so the pool gets deep enough and just cool enough to tolerate, with just the right took a day to get it right Jeff

this is called chicken

this is called chicken springs by locals. settlers/natives used to defeather birds and game and such here. keep your pets out and alive

Hey, just read about this

Hey, just read about this place. I'm and old guy who's still plenty strong and very experienced working with natural creeks and pools as well as loose and mortared masonry, plus I've lived in the woods for many years. I have CFS, which fortunately leaves me pretty much alone in hot weather, but hot water is still my second best friend, after Jesus. How hard can it be to bang in a few metal posts and stretch wire to keep bovines out of the creek (as well as deer, who can leave some pretty disgusting piles)? Making cooling pools and lining them with enough 6 mil plastic to keep the dirt out for 20 years (minus sun exposure, good visquine lasts about 10-25 years) ain't rocket science; people of all cultures have been working with hot springs since God gave us hands and feet and cold, cold asses. I was a familiar figure at Harbin Hot Springs in the old days. If this place really has potential and the BLM and cattle owners don't fuck with us, I could see working with another person or three to make a damned nice place. Warning: I'm an old hippie and I foresee lots of medical cannabis helping to facilitate things. My kids just grew up and my Memphis born-and-raised mom just passed away at 89 the same day as good old Merle; I'm a Country singer myself, but I need a project right now and this sounds pretty interesting. I have a big truck ('89 GMC 3500 with duallies) and lots of tools.

In the northern side of our

In the northern side of our country we get the hills and the beautiful scene which attract the persons. They get guidance from for the visit of these places. In the season of the springs they gives the wonderful sceneries with full of colorful flowers.

Most of the hot springs I

Most of the hot springs I know offer medicinal effect to people who soak into it. - Eric Ludy

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