May 2013

Trip Date: 2013-05
Photos (click to enlarge):
Soaking tub for one (118 degrees!)
Just above the source

Made a trip to Black Rock to find all these springs... not at all hard to find if you know to look for a random ridge of travertine on the east side of the road.  Note that from Jungo road, there is NO signage until you cross the railroad tracks, but you're in the right place if you see a pile of charred wood at the intersection.  We ran into lots of folks on ATVs out enjoying the desert.  The spring was neat to find, but not very pretty itself.  There were lots of horse flies and huge flying ants, not ideal for soaking.  However, since this was last updated as a site, someone had diverted the flow from the mucky cattle trough and dug out a one-person soaking tub lined with a tarp.  We tested and found the water at 118 degrees in there (all the springs were running hot that day), and combined with the heat and bugs, decided that exploration was enough, no soaking.  Plus, there wasn't room for two.   I imagine at night, this would be an incredible place to soak The water trickling out of this tub dissapears into the sand downhill.  There is an area in the sand that would be ideal to dig out and make into a cooler soaking pool, but we weren't motivated enough to do so.    There is additional small tiny sources trickling 140 degree water into the old cattle trough, be careful.  The mud is like quicksand and you will sink into the ooze. .

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