Mystic Hot Spring

General Description: An old hot spring resort gone primitive, Yeah, hot water flows natualy to your very own bathtub.
General Location: Monroe, Utah.
Pool Type: Bathtub or concrete.
Pool Temps: Lobster Hot (110° - 115° F), Extremely Hot (106° - 110° F), Hot (102° - 104° F), Slightly Hot (100° - 102° F), Warm (Below 100° F)
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Accessibility: Year Round.
Restrictions: No nudity, alchohol, or drugs.
Elevation: 5200 feet.
Distance from road: 0.00 mile.
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The Hot Spring:

A large hot water source pours out of the ground around 200 gallons a minute and was 176 degrees f.  The water flows through natural troughs and spills over travertine rock into your bathing tub, water temp can be changed to hotter or colder by simply moving some rocks. there are a couple of other pools with controlled temps ranging from 95 to 103, one with a waterfall and a crazy mound in the center and the other with piped water which is the hotter pool, both really nice.

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