Ojai Hot Springs

General Description: Small hot pots on the side of a creek.
General Location: Ojai
Pool Type: rock and gravel
Pool Temps: Hot (102° - 104° F), Slightly Hot (100° - 102° F), Warm (Below 100° F)
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Accessibility: year round
Restrictions: Private property so no camping.
Elevation: 1500 feet.
Distance from road: 0.00 mile.
Book Reference: there are none, found out from word of mouth.
Map Reference: none.

The Hot Spring:

this hot springs is one of a kind, perfect for a day soak in the sun.  the water comes out around 102 cooling to 100 for soaking, there are 3 pools to soak in all around the same temp, sentence drags on... the smallest one is slightly hotter than the other two with the river adjacent to use as a cold plunge,  clothing optional although sometimes ass holes go down there and trip on the nudist.

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Great directions!! Your post

Great directions!! Your post is much appreciated! After hiking around aimlessly down a ways on the 33 looking for the Matilija springs to no avail, i googled other hot springs in Ojai, and this came up. Very relaxing and invigorating. The locals talked my ear off...probably cause I'm a cute girl who was naked :-P

We found them with the

We found them with the directions above and had a great time. The springs were nice and warm and very therapeutic! Thx for the directions, we really enjoyed ourselves. My back has never felt better!

I spent HOURS here for the

I spent HOURS here for the first time yesterday! You have to pay a fortune to go to spa's for the same amenities these springs have to offer. It's NOT easy to find w/o specific directions. The 33 highway north (out of Ojai) takes you directly to Matihija Road but this is a steep high, off road terrain street that suddenly creeps off to the left and you will miss if it you blink. You'll know you're getting close to it when you are on highway 33 and you pass a big road quarry on the right. Matihja Rd is just up ahead by less than a mile - ON THE LEFT. Turn onto Matihija and it winds west for quite a while - you will be positive you missed the hot springs but keep driving it's about 2 miles on this road to the springs. Eventually, the road will appear to be breaking up and you will soon see a stop sign and a flashing, red light. Up ahead you will see that the road becomes a single lane. You PARK at the stop sign; by then, you will see other cars parked along the side of the road. I saw a MARY KAY van so I knew I'd found the right spot! What beauty advocate wouldn't like to spend a day soaking in a hot spring, right? lol Even when you park, the springs aren't really that easy to discover. You have to head down steep, dirt trails on the left hand side of this road. You might not see people at first when you head down this trail - but the trail to the hot springs is almost exactly, parallel to where the stop sign is on the road (if that makes sense). You will smell the sulphur as soon as you approach the springs. There is a hot pool (temp around 105) and a HOTTER pool - not too bad...about 110 degrees - then a cold pool and, also a creek which is lovely and comfortable. The HOT pool has mud under the rocks which is a great body exfoliant and you should apply this to your skin and let it dry in the sun. Bring rags or towels to rub the dried mud off, soak in the hot spring, then plunge into the cold spring and you have a full body treatment which removes toxins and purifies your body! Amazing. I have paid a fortune for this form of treatment at expensive spas. I only recently found this place - it's an hour and a half from where I live; but I will be going back regularly from now on. ONE WORD OF CAUTION!!! There are a few people who frequent this place often who look VERY creepy. Don't be deterred, though, they are harmless and, actually, they have the best information on the springs. Some are nudists so if you venture here, expect the unexpected and you won't be surprised or disappointed!

We went early morning easy

We went early morning easy to find. Just follow the smell and the sound. Many pools, many different tempatures. Walk a little further to cold water swimming. We meet great people with nice stories. Native Americans use to have their babies here in the water. At least that's what they say. Very healing and relaxing. Quit in the morning and as the day got later many visitors. Known for the magic evenings bellow the stars & the full moon nights. Many rocks had candle drippings from the night before.

I'm going for the 1st time

I'm going for the 1st time tommarow, looking forward to the adventure!

I like this spot. Got kicked

I like this spot. Got kicked out by cops last time i was there

So this one is easy to find.

So this one is easy to find. when in Ojai you take the Hiway 33 north out of town about 2 miles to Matihja/ matilja rd, take this road, it will bring u west, drive until you see parking on the right before a hill wich is asingle lane rd, wich has a stop sign and blinking light. park at the bottom of the hill on the right, cross the rd, go down to the creek and find the best trail to take you to the hot springs, they are about 100ft from where you parked on the rd. hope theses work.

hey could i get directions to

hey could i get directions to this place?

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