Rocky Canyon Hot Springs

General Description: Ten wonderfully constructed pools that have been destroyed, but the hot water remains
General Location: West Central Idaho north of Crouch
Pool Type: Concrete and Stone
Pool Temps: Extremely Hot (106° - 110° F)
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Accessibility: Mid-Summer to Late Fall, when the river level is low enough
Restrictions: None, except camping at springs is impossible
Elevation: 3500 feet.
Distance from road: 0.01 mile.
Map Reference: Boise National Forest Map, or Sixmile Point ID USGS 7.5 minute quadrangle


The Hot Spring:

  Rocky Canyon Hot Spring is an amazing place with a special energy that can not be destroyed.  Unfortunately the amazing, wonderfully constructed, concrete and stone pools can be destroyed.  In November 2009 the National Forest Service decided to destroy the pools with sledgehammers because of a petition from 30-50 christian locals.  The petition complained about nudity, and alcohol abuse at the hot spring.  A second petition of over 450 soakers trying to save the pools fell on def ears and the pools were destroyed.  The reasoning is that concrete and stone pools are not technically allowed in the National Forest, but there are more concrete and stone pools in Idaho National Forests than can be counted.  In our opinion this spring was picked because of its proximity to a gravel road (you could see it as driving by), and because it was the best constructed pools in the area (they are trying to set an example, I hope we are wrong).

  The construction at Rocky Canyon was genius.  At the top of the canyon the source hot water was collected into a source pool.  All of this water flowed into a 4 inch pipe that was cemented in the ground and flowed to the soaking pools.  From the source pool there were also three pvc pipes.  By opening the pvc pipes the water pressure in the source was reduced and the flow to the soaking pools was reduced cooling all the pools by a couple degrees.  With this the overall temperature at the springs could be controlled and then the perfect temperature could be picked from the ten separate pools.

  The hot water flowed into a series of pools and the temperature changed by about half a degree F between the pools.  There were three pools at the top, the third pool flowed into two separate pools, with three on one side and four on the other, with a total of ten pools.  Between each pool were flow forms controlling the flow of the water, between one of the pools was a pvc pipe that sent a jet of water into the next pool.  The flow was incredibly high, and kept all the pools clean and free of silt.  The high flow also made the water temperature change by only half a degree F between the pools.

  This description of Rocky Canyon is not how it looks today.  We have not visited these springs since they were destroyed but will soon.  Perhaps the water is simply flowing out the source and down the canyon, with some sand and gravel pools along the creek.  We have described them here and kept the pictures and videos so that they can be rebuilt in the future hopefully.  There was not an overly "party" vibe at these hot springs and therefore we think they were destroyed under false pretenses.  Please comment and let us know how these springs are doing.  We will always love Rocky Canyon!

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Rocky Canyon was a gorgeous

Rocky Canyon was a gorgeous and amazingly designed set of casacading pools. Many wonderful nights spent soaking and star gazing in them. A very peaceful easy feeling. The FS made a huge mistake when they destroyed almost all of them. There is still 2 pools that have since been rebuilt...if the FS cared so much about the locals complaining (which is a SMALL ISSUE as many of the "LOCALS" were upset they choose to destroy it); the FS should instead be more proactive in trash clean up and keeping the peace in developed campgrounds. We are lucky to live in the great state of Idaho and have numerous soaks in close proximity!!!

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