Late summer Idaho hot spring road trip

  In a couple days we are leaving for our late summer hot spring road trip.  We are still working our way east from Seattle and are not done with Idaho.  This year we are focusing on the Atlanta area in Idaho where we should see several new hot springs.  On our way home we are stopping at Oxbow hot spring near the Oregon border and hopefully seeing Council Mountain and White Licks on the way to Oxbow.

  We have a new feature on the website which is this news section on the home page.  Now we can inform people when we leave on trips, when we complete hot spring entries, and how the development of the website is going.  The forums section is also finally complete.  Forums are organized into three overall topics including: Traveling to Hot Springs, Hot Spring Maintenance and Communities, and Hot springs by Region.  Now the only thing that is needed is for people to start posting and participating in the forums!