Bigelow (Deer Creek) Hot Spring

General Description: A little pool next to a river with ferns growing around it.
General Location: In the central Cascades outside of Eugene
Pool Type: Sand and Gravel
Pool Temps: Hot (102° - 104° F)
Accessibility: A short walk from a paved road but the spring is cold in the winter because of more river water and cold surface spring water
Restrictions: Day use only
Elevation: 2000 feet.
Distance from road: 0.10 mile.
Map Reference: Wilamette National Forest Map, or Belknap Springs OR USGS 7.7 minute quadrangle

The Hot Spring:

  Bigelow Hot Spring otherwise known as Deer Creek after the nearby road is a nice small sand and gravel pool.  The pool is only big enough for four people but the temperature is about perfect at about 103 degrees Fahrenheit.  It is located along the bank of the McKenzie River and the pool is cut into the river bank and surrounded by overhanging ferns.  The water seeps into the sand bottom and is mixed with the river water to maintain the soaking temperature.  The temperature of the pool is controlled moving the rocks forming the walls.  During the spring and winter the pool is often too cold to soak due to high river level and water seeping out of the bank.

  Like many of the springs in the Willamette National Forest Bigelow is closed at night.  This is to detour the use of the spring as a party spot.  This spring never did become too popular but this closure is perhaps due to the behavior at the nearby Cougar Hot Springs.  The parking area seems to be patrolled often and there is a large fine if caught soaking at night, also if the spring is abused it could be totally closed (which no one wants).

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I have never been into a hot

I have never been into a hot spring before that is why I am so looking forward to get to know things better through self exploration. - O2 Media

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