Woody's Hot Spring

General Description: A popular small old historic hot spring with a concrete tub remaining that is barely warm enough.
General Location: Northern Sierras
Pool Type: Cement soaking pool.
Pool Temps: Hot (102° - 104° F), Slightly Hot (100° - 102° F)
Accessibility: Year-Round and directly off highway
Restrictions: On private property and day use only, sun rise to 10 pm with a two dollar deposit
Elevation: 2800 feet.
Distance from road: 0.00 mile.
Map Reference: Twain CA USGS 7.5 minute quadrangle


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It is in fact on private

It is in fact on private property and use is by permission only. A person has the right to choose whom they invite into their home. Use of the property is not an entitlement.The springs are  a rare and beautiful thing and should be apreciated and respected. Thank you to those that visit and realize it is a priveledge not a right. Rocki

How on earth could anyone

How on earth could anyone think to own this? Did you make the Earth? Enjoy it, and if you want to build something, please share it, especially if it is on top of such a rare and beautiful thing as a spring.

I had a strange experience

I had a strange experience here that was probably not normal. I was approached in the parking lot by a guy who claimed to need money. At the tub, there was a tweeked man dressed in SM biker gear just standing there tweeked. We left after 5 minutes. The place looked like it was cared for. The whole area looked nice. The pool is a big tub down by the edge of a river.

Updated Feb 1 2014  Use of

Updated Feb 1 2014  Use of the Hot Springs is by permission. Do not make inquiries about use of the springs through this website. Call 925 783-2913. Or email me at rockisgarden@yahoo.com Private booking of the hot springs is $125 a day. A 2 hour soak is still $5. Pets and glass containers are not allowed. Parking out front of the big log is allowed.The plugs are always in place. Check in at the green roofed cabin next to the RV Park. Please continue to be respectful of this very special place, enjoy your soak, Thanks, Rocki  www.featherriverhotsprings.com

Would the hot springs be

Would the hot springs be available for a day or half day this Saturday or sunday? lindsayeverett@ymail.com

would you be interested in

would you be interested in selling the property id ike to find some hot springs to build nice pools and live on

Good information, nice

Good information, nice video.It's nice to see people enjoying themselves and still being respectful of the property. We have opened the hot springs again after a two year closure. It's on a trial basis and there are a few rules that need to be adhered to. No dogs, no glass,no smoking or alcohol. You must check in at the RV Park office and get the plugs. It's $5 a person for a couple of hours.Return the plugs when finished. You park in the RV Park and walk through the gate down the trail. Please do not climb down the rocks off the highway. This is trespassing and trespassers will be prosecuted. The hot springs are open from 7am until 10pm. To stay at the RV Park is $25 a night and that includes use of the hot springs.The hot springs can be reserved for private parties for $75 a day.As long as people continue to be respectful, the hot springs will be available but if it goes back to what prompted the closing it will be closed permanently. The tubs will be removed. Please spread the word. Hope this clears up a lot of the misinformation that has been circulating, thanks, Rocki

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