Summer Lake Hot Springs

General Description: A rustic hot spring getaway with a large indoor pool and smaller outdoor pools, and rv hook ups, cabins/trailers to rent, or camping spots
General Location: South Central Oregon near Summer Lake
Pool Type: Concrete, and Rock and Mortar
Pool Temps: Hot (102° - 104° F), Slightly Hot (100° - 102° F)
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Accessibility: Year Round
Restrictions: Must Pay, No nudity during the day, and No alcohol
Elevation: 4200 feet.
Distance from road: 0.00 mile.
Map Reference: Slide Mountain OR USGS 7.5 minute quadrangle


The Hot Spring:

  Summer Lake Hot Springs is a wonderful rustic pay for hot spring on the south end of Summer Lake right off the highway.  It is a popular destination in the remote area with RV hookups, rentable cabins and trailers, and lots of camping spots.  The owner is very nice promoting alternative lifestyles with festivals and making it a popular resting point on the road to Burning Man.  

  The soaking facilities are a huge bath house with showers and changing area.  In the house is a large concrete pool about 4 feet deep, 15 feet wide, and 30 feet long.  About 20 gallons per minute of 110 degree water constantly flows into one end of the pool keeps the temperature at around 102 deg F in the summer and 100 deg F in the winter and requires no chemical treatment.  Outside of the bath house are two smaller (fits 4-6 people) rock and mortar tubs that are a little hotter around 102 to 104 deg F and can be controlled with a valve on a pvc pipe from the pump house.

  Summer Lake Hot Springs were first used in the late 1800's and early 1900's by people on the Oregon Trail.  A smart man named Jonas Woodward first owned the property and used wooden tubs for the water, until he sold the property in the 1920's to George Minton.  In 1928 Claude Minton, George's son, built the bath house and concrete pool that is used today.  This is one of the few bath houses that has survived the decades since the depression.  The spring changed hands several times until the McDaniel Family purchased it in the 1950's and made it a popular spot in the Southern Oregon Desert.  In 1997 they sold it to Duane Graham and Suzy Vitello who still own it today and run it great!

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Hello Mark and I will be

Hello Mark and I will be traveling along HYW 58 on Thursday October 30 2014 and am wondering if you have availability for our 42ft. Winnebago for the night? Also, wondering how the roads are for us along that route and if you are expecting any ice or snow conditions in your area that day. A friend of mine recommended your place to us and the pictures look like the perfect place to spend some peaceful quality time there. Please respond soon so we can plan our journey your way. Thank you Patsi

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