Scenic Hot Springs

General Description: A large concrete tub sits on a hill side over looking Stevens pass.
General Location: In the mountains east of Monroe.
Pool Type: concrete
Pool Temps: Very Hot (104° - 106° F), Hot (102° - 104° F)
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Accessibility: Year round with a very steep 2.5 mile hike that is snowshoe-able in the winter.
Restrictions: These springs are on Private property, public use is not permited without permision, and a video camera has been installed.
Elevation: 3500 feet.
Distance from road: 2.50 miles.
Map Reference: Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest Map, or Scenic WA USGS 7.5 minute quadrangle (springs not marked).


The Hot Spring:

    Scenic Hot Spring is by far the best soak in Washington near Seattle that is open all year round.  It is so nice because the water is a good temperature and an amazing view of the mountains and the water makes you feel pretty good.  Unfortunately the spring is not open for public use and if caught on the property you could get banned or even get tresspassing charges.  In early 2010 video cameras were intalled at the forest service road entrance and at the spring itself to keep tresspassers out. 

    The spring was closed in 2005 by the local sheriff who destroyed all the wooden tubs and structures because of bad behavior and overuse of the site.  After this the property changed owners and the current owner is trying to get permits to re-open the spring.  If you want to soak, there are cleaning parties a couple times a year, and you can meet the owner and possibly get permission to use the site.

    After the wooden tubs and decks were destroyed, the only tub left is the one big concrete pool.  Volunteers cleaned the site of wood debris and lined the concrete pool with tarps that are set in place very nicely.  The pool is divided into two sides by a wood board divider and one side is about 106 degrees fahrenheit and the other is about 102 degrees fahrenheit or so.  The pools stay at these temperatures even into the cold winter but if it is really cold the pools could be as cool as about 101 degrees on the hot side.  There are always siphon hoses around the pool and many times a scrub brush is around also.

    To get to the springs you need to climb one of the steepest 2.5 mile hikes ever!  The hike starts steep and then gets steeper and steeper all the way to the spring.  This is nice because it keeps many people out and it makes it so your legs are ready to soak when you get there.  Even with the hike and the cameras there are still many visitors that seem to leave garbage often, so bringing some trash bags to clean the site is always a good thing to do.  Also cleaning the site is a good thing to do when visiting any hot spring but especially when it is on private property and you need permission to be there.

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I use to go up to Scenic at

I use to go up to Scenic at least 2 times a month. The Sheriffs destroyed them because they were tired of dealing with break ins at the chain off area where most people parked. Us lovers of the hot springs were punished because of the tweakers breaking in. I use to stay up there for a day or 2 at a time. We always cleaned up and the Friends of Scenic would threaten the people who tried to make messes. There was a gentleman we called the Naked Gourmet who would make breakfast for you if you stayed up there in the morning and cleaned. So I would appreciate that it that the story was told correctly, it was not from the trash left behind. The police would not give a shite what went on up there. It was due to the pure laziness of them not wanting to drive out of their way to people who had break ins in their cars. Never had problems if I drove up to the power lines.

I went to this one about 4 or

I went to this one about 4 or 5 years back and it was indeed amazing! It's like a high sided porch built off the side of a mountain, covered in silver tarps to hold in the water. Temperture was absolutely PERFECT! There are two tubs, one slightly hotter than the other. There was even a cute little mole wandering around near the pool showing how peaceful it was ;) Only downside at that time was that there was a LOT of discarded trash and building materials near (but not within view) the hot springs. Based off the website author's description I'm guessing this was from when it was destroyed by the authorities awhile back. Do a search online and look at a few hot spring websites and you should find the website the owner has. I contacted him through the website and got permission to park at the base of the road before the gate. I don't have any idea how long the hike was, but it was nothing but switchbacks and took MUCH longer than anticipated. Bring a flashlight so you're not hiking back in the dark like me. There is NOT any sort of ambient light in the area so it gets DARK without a moon in the sky (even then it's dark because of tree cover in many areas).

I am having the same issue.

I am having the same issue. I've tried several times to get permission to go soak with my boyfriend as well but I am unsure of how the whole process works. If anyone has any idea that'd be great, thanks!

I may need to do a bit more

I may need to do a bit more research for an email, but I cannot find one. I would like to get permission to go soak with my boyfriend and get signed up for a crew to help clean it up. I come from Idaho and have seen a few get closed down due to misbeahviors. It just is a shame. Look forward to a reply whenever.

We are all human so we

We are all human so we deserve the little breal as soon as we will meet them. - Flemings Ultimate Garage

Andy's a superstar! xD

Andy's a superstar! xD

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Trip Reports


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Hot little hole (Scenic)

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Andy and view(Scenic)
The hike up to the spring(Scenic)
The only pictures of the tubs thanks to nelson(Scenic)