Ojai Hot Springs

General Description: Small hot pots on the side of a creek.
General Location: Ojai
Pool Type: rock and gravel
Pool Temps: Hot (102° - 104° F), Slightly Hot (100° - 102° F), Warm (Below 100° F)
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Accessibility: year round
Restrictions: Private property so no camping.
Elevation: 1500 feet.
Distance from road: 0.00 mile.
Book Reference: there are none, found out from word of mouth.
Map Reference: none.

The Hot Spring:

this hot springs is one of a kind, perfect for a day soak in the sun.  the water comes out around 102 cooling to 100 for soaking, there are 3 pools to soak in all around the same temp, sentence drags on... the smallest one is slightly hotter than the other two with the river adjacent to use as a cold plunge,  clothing optional although sometimes ass holes go down there and trip on the nudist.

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Where is this located?

Where is this located?

Where is this located?

Where is this located?

Anyway to go to a hot spring

Anyway to go to a hot spring without the greasy ugly dirty looking hippie guy? I mean really, he just makes the water look dirty. Is that supposed to e be a selling point? He is even neked. Ewww. I think not for me,

Is this really true? Where

Is this really true? Where can I verify this information?  It's $20 a head now and late night was even more.

I would certainly prefer it to be free, though we had a great time and very few people were there.

eco topia is a con scam new

eco topia is a con scam new age bullshit artist. they don't own the land, its public land, they have falsely laid claim to outside of their property line. Refuse to pay, refuse to be bullied and walk around their place. any attempt to fence the springs off from the public is also patently illegal.

What is the phone number to

What is the phone number to make reservation?

You need a reservation to get

You need a reservation to get into springs now! Also 13 dollar admission!!!!


OPEN NOW FOR SURE!!!! Lots of work has happened to bring people back for healing in the sacred waters. ECOTOPIA.NET

They're off of Matillija

They're off of Matillija Road, about 1.5 miles from Highway 33, on the left near a big turn out just before the road breifly narrows to a 1-car at a time, 1-lane road.  


Unfortunately, the hot springs are not accessible as of July 2015.  They were under scrutiny by the county officials because of drug and alcohol use at the springs, some injuries, and trash.   A new owner tried to restore them in 2012, and get them to be reopened to the public.  They were not able to do so.  As such, the county sherriff tickets/arrests truspassers, and there is a full-time caretaker on the property.  It's sad that these wonderful springs got trashed, and have remained inaccessible to the public for years.

Is this hot spring in Ojai

Is this hot spring in Ojai still accessible?..

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