Sitz Hot Spring

General Description: A small pool on a muddy bank of Warm Springs Creek
General Location: Northwest of Challis in the Salmon-Challis National Forest
Pool Type: Rock and Mud
Pool Temps: Very Hot (104° - 106° F)
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Accessibility: Late Summer to Fall, when the creek is low
Restrictions: None
Elevation: 5800 feet.
Distance from road: 5.50 miles.
Map Reference: Frank Church Wilderness Map (south half,), or Sheldon Peak ID USGS 7.5 minute quadrangle (spring not marked)

The Hot Spring:

  Sitz Hot Spring is a muddy pool next to Warm Springs Creek on the way to Shower Bath Hot Spring.  The pool is a couple hundred yards up stream from a large campground on meadows next to the creek.  The campground is very large and equiped with hitching posts for horses which are allowed on the National Forest Trail.  This campground is the closest place to camp near Shower Bath Hot Springs if the adjacent camping spot is taken or you have a large group.

  The spring is exposed in late summer when the water level in the creek drops.  Reminants of the pool from the previous year may be visible if you are the first visitor of the year.  With a little digging you can create a pool large enough for about three people to soak.  The hot water bubbles up from under the mud and silt at about 109 degrees f keeping the pool water at a comfortable 105 degrees f.  The water is nice and hot but only offers a mediocure soak because of the mud.  Also the proximity to Shower Bath makes you feel like you should have walked the 15-20 minutes up the creek to soak where water is gushing out of the cliff.

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With a little digging you can

With a little digging you can create a pool large enough for about three people to soak.

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